Tootsie Pop Ghost Craft

Kids love making spooky Halloween crafts and this Tootsie Pop Ghost Craft is one that is sure to be a hit! It is simple and easy to make and can be adapted to fit any age group.

What you will need:

Tootsie Pops

Pipe Cleaners

googly eyes


1. Start by wrapping a pipe cleaner around the top of the Tootsie Pop to create the ghost’s head.

2. Cut a small piece of pipe cleaner and twist it around the center of the ghost’s head to create the neck.

3. Glue on two googly eyes.

4. Cut a small piece of pipe cleaner and twist it around the bottom of the Tootsie Pop to create the ghost’s feet.

Your Tootsie Pop Ghost Craft is now complete!

How do you make ghost Tootsie Pops?

Making a ghost Tootsie Pop is easy! All you need is some white Tootsie Rolls, black icing, and candy eyes.

1. Start by melting the white Tootsie Rolls in a microwave-safe bowl. You can also do this over a stovetop in a saucepan, but be careful not to let the candy burn.

2. Once the candy is melted, use a spoon to spread it into a thin layer on a flat surface. You can use a baking sheet, a cutting board, or even a piece of wax paper.

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3. Once the candy is spread out, use a toothpick or a knife to add the black icing. You can make any design you want, but a simple ghost shape is easy and looks great.

4. Finally, add the candy eyes. Let the candy cool and harden completely before eating. Enjoy!

How do you make a ghost coffee filter?

Making a ghost coffee filter is a fun and easy way to add a spooky touch to your morning coffee. You’ll need a few basic supplies, including coffee filters, white paint, and black sharpie.

Start by painting the coffee filters with white paint. You may need to do a few coats to get a good coverage. Once the paint is dry, use a black sharpie to draw a ghostly face on each filter.

Hang the filters near your coffee maker, and enjoy your spooky coffee in the morning!

How do you make a ghost out of Kleenex?

There are many different ways to make a ghost out of Kleenex, but we will show you the easiest and most popular way.

What you will need:




-Pipe cleaner

1. Cut a Kleenex into the shape of a ghost.

2. Tape the two ends of the ghost together.

3. Twist a pipe cleaner around the top of the ghost to make a hanger.

4. Hang your ghost in a place where it will scare your friends and family!

How do you make a ghost pop?

Ghosts are a popular Halloween decoration, but they can also be a lot of fun to play with year-round. If you want to make a ghost pop, all you need is some balloons, tissue paper, and a little bit of tape.

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First, blow up some balloons and tie them off. Cut some tissue paper into small squares, then tape them to the balloon. Make sure to cover the entire balloon in tissue paper.

Next, cut a small hole in the top of the balloon and blow it up. The tissue paper will puff out and look like a ghost. You can also use this technique to make ghosts out of other materials, like cloth or felt.

What is a ghost pop?

What is a ghost pop?

A ghost pop is a type of candy that is made from a marshmallow base and covered in chocolate. They are often given as a party favor or as a treat for children.

The history of the ghost pop is a bit mysterious. Some believe that it was created in the early 1900s by the Williamson Candy Company. However, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim.

Today, the ghost pop is a popular treat among both children and adults. They are easy to make and can be customized to include a variety of different flavors.

How do you make a toilet paper ghost?

With Halloween just around the corner, many people are looking for fun and easy ways to decorate their homes. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add some spooky fun to your decorations, why not try making a toilet paper ghost?

To make a toilet paper ghost, you’ll need:

-Toilet paper

-White paint


-Black marker


1. Cut two circles out of toilet paper. One should be about twice the size of the other.

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2. Paint the smaller circle white and let it dry.

3. Cut a small black triangle for the ghost’s mouth.

4. Draw two eyes with a black marker.

5. Hang your ghost up somewhere in your home!

How do you make a paper towel ghost?

Making a paper towel ghost is a fun and easy Halloween craft. You will need:

-a paper towel

-a white crayon


-a black marker

1. Cut a paper towel in half with the scissors.

2. Use the white crayon to draw a ghost shape on one of the halves of the paper towel.

3. Use the black marker to draw eyes and a mouth on the ghost.

4. Fold the other half of the paper towel over the ghost shape.

5. Use the black marker to draw a line around the edge of the folded paper towel to create a border.

6. Hang the ghost in a window or near a light source to make it glow.