What Hobby Shops Carry O.S Engines

There are a variety of hobby shops that carry O.S. engines. Some of the more popular ones include Tower Hobbies, HobbyTown USA, and Horizon Hobby.

Tower Hobbies is a well-known retailer that specializes in radio-controlled cars, boats, and planes. They carry a wide range of O.S. engines, from the .12-sized ones all the way up to the .32-sized ones.

HobbyTown USA is another popular hobby shop that carries O.S. engines. They have locations all across the United States, and they carry a wide range of engines as well.

Horizon Hobby is a large distributor of radio-controlled cars, boats, planes, and helicopters. They offer a wide variety of O.S. engines, and they also have a large selection of spare parts and accessories.

Is OS engines still in business?

OS engines is an online search engine that was founded in 2006. The company is based in the United States. OS engines allows users to search the internet for images, videos, and web pages.

The company has not been updated since 2015 and its website is no longer active. It is unclear whether or not OS engines is still in business.

Are Enya engines still made?

Yes, Enya engines are still being made. They are a popular choice for RC aircraft enthusiasts due to their high quality and reliability.

Enya engines are built in Japan and are known for their precision engineering and excellent performance. They are available in a range of sizes, from .10 cubic inch engines to .61 cubic inch engines.

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The Enya engine range is also known for its fuel efficiency, meaning that you can fly for longer with less fuel. This makes them a popular choice for those who fly electric aircraft.

Enya engines are also very reliable, meaning that you can fly with confidence knowing that your engine is going to perform well.

If you are looking for a high quality, reliable engine for your RC aircraft, then the Enya range is a great option.

Are all nitro RC engines interchangeable?

Nitro RC engines are popular among RC enthusiasts for their power and performance. However, there is some confusion among hobbyists on whether all nitro RC engines are interchangeable.

The answer to this question is yes and no. All nitro RC engines share some common features and components, such as a carburetor, glow plug, and crankshaft. However, there can be variations in the design and construction of these components among different engines. This can affect the performance and running of the engine.

That said, most nitro RC engines should be interchangeable to some degree. If you have an engine that is not running properly, you may be able to fix the issue by swapping in components from another engine. It is important to note, however, that not all engines are created equal, and some engines may be better suited for certain applications than others.

So, are all nitro RC engines interchangeable? The answer is yes and no. It is important to do your research before buying an engine and to be aware of the differences between different models. With a little bit of trial and error, you should be able to find an engine that is perfect for your needs.

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What engine is in a RC car?

Remote Control cars are a popular hobby. Many people enjoy the excitement of driving a car without having to worry about getting behind the wheel.

There are a few different things to consider when purchasing a remote control car. One of the most important decisions is what type of engine the car has.

Remote control cars come with either brushed or brushless motors. Brushed motors are less expensive but they require more maintenance. Brushless motors are more expensive but they are more durable and require less maintenance.

The other major decision is what type of fuel the car uses. Cars can use either nitro fuel or electric power. Nitro fuel is more powerful but it is also more expensive and it can be difficult to find. Electric cars are more expensive to buy but they are cheaper to operate and they are easier to find.

Remote control cars are a fun way to spend a weekend afternoon. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced driver, there is a car that is perfect for you.

Where are Saito engines made?

Saito engines are made in Japan. The company was founded in 1972 by Seiji Saito. The engines are known for their quality and reliability. They are used in a variety of applications, including radio-controlled aircraft, boats, and cars.

Which is faster nitro or brushless?

Nitro and brushless engines both have their own benefits and drawbacks. So, which one is faster?

Nitro engines are fueled by a mixture of nitro methane and oil. They are known for their high power and torque, making them perfect for racing. However, they require more maintenance than brushless engines and they are also noisier.

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Brushless engines are powered by electricity. They are much more efficient than nitro engines and they also produce less noise. However, they are not as powerful as nitro engines and they can be more expensive.

So, which engine is faster? It depends on the application. Nitro engines are faster than brushless engines for racing, but brushless engines are better for general use.

Is nitro RC faster than electric?

Nitro RC cars are faster than electric cars. It’s a simple fact that nitro cars have more power and can go faster. The only downside is that they’re also more expensive to maintain and run.

Nitro RC cars use a fuel called nitro methane. This fuel is more powerful than electric batteries, and it’s what gives nitro cars their speed and power. Nitro cars can reach speeds of up to 100 mph, while electric cars usually only reach around 30 mph.

Nitro cars also require more maintenance than electric cars. You’ll need to regularly clean and replace the car’s air filter, and you’ll also need to regularly refuel it with nitro methane. This can be expensive, especially if you race your car often.

Despite the extra maintenance required, nitro RC cars are still faster than electric cars. If you’re looking for speed and power, nitro is the way to go.